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Two Become One

Presenter: Connie Greening

Institution: Cranfield University


Format: Presentation : a presentation for most of the session with time for questions at the end.

Second Presenter

Rebecca Smyth, Cranfield University (


The sharing of experience following the joining of two independent Registries across two sites.

Over the past 4 years, Cranfield have successfully merged two Registries, 60+ miles, apart into a fully functioning cross campus registry that provide a ‘Registration through to Graduation’ service for all four schools of the University. This project included the merge of two versions of SITS and countless alignment projects to ensure processes were implemented on a pan-university basis.

This session will include open discussion on how Cranfield managed this large change, the issues faced and the benefits the end product has achieved.


Staff with an interest in change within a Regsitry Function