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Privacy Policy

The following will apply to all data collected in the support and delivery of the SROC annual conference. SROC works in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and subsequently the European GDPR legislation, from May 2018. Any issues relating to data protection and these policies/procedures should be directed to the SROC Steering Group Chair, Mrs. Judith Davison.

  • All data acquired from the completion of the SROC delegates booking form, will be deleted at the end of the annual conference. This will take place within 4 calendar weeks from the close of conference. This cleaning process will be undertaken by the Web Master responsible for the SROC site, Phillip Russell-Lacy. This includes all registrations with the SROC website that enables the booking process and documents contained in the delegates PSA.
  • An email list of delegates (email address only) for those who have authorised ongoing use of their data, will be retained and held by the SROC Secretary for a 12 month period. This will be used to inform conference delegates of forthcoming SROC networking events or details about the next annual conference.
  • Delegates can choose to have their email address shared in the conference delegate listing by opting into this as part of the booking process.
  • Post conference, delegates may ask to have their email address removed from the retained mail list. Past delegates should contact any member of the SROC Steering Committee asking that their email address is removed. Contact details of all SROC Steering Committee members is available from the menu option ‘SROC Steering Committee’.
  • Delegates may receive marketing material from official SROC exhibitors prior to and following the conference. In each case any such communications will be limited to a single email contact per supplier. This is an agreed arrangement between the SROC Corporate Liaison Officer and each official SROC exhibitor. Delegates can choose to opt-out of receiving this information as part of the booking process.
  • Exhibitor data will also be deleted within 4 calendar weeks of conference closure. This cleaning process will be undertaken by the Web Master and Corporate Liaison officers, SROC Steering Committee.

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