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Reflections on four years Student Engagement and the HEAR at the University of Winchester

Presenter: Cath Beck, Assistant Academic Registrar

Institution: University of Winchester


Format: Seminar/Group Discussion : a session sharing experiences among participants, perhaps with a brief presentation at the start.

Second Presenter

Tom Lowe (

The University of Winchester in partnership with Winchester SU have strived since c.2012 to be sector leading in Student Engagement practices, through working with our student body to create new opportunities where students take ownership of their education and creating spaces for new conversations around enhancing their experiences. Winchester adopted the HEAR in 2014 as a record for student activities, motivator for involvement and additional transcript to give to employers evidencing their achievements. This session will reflect on the journey at the University of Winchester, covering the benefits, challenges and some solutions to engaging students in their development, as we enter a Higher Education with increased student and regulatory body emphasis on outcomes, employability and student success. As we begin 2019, the HEAR is still core to students’ engagement in the Winchester community but the way we market, engage and encourage students to interact with their HEAR and development activities is constantly developing and the presenters welcome input from delegates in regards to their strategies in making the HEAR successful in their own HEI communities.


Anyone who is familiar with the HEAR who are either starting their journey at their institutions or like us are trying to revitalise it