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Sustainable flood management - the rising tide of extenuating circumstances

Presenter: Maggie New, Academic Registrar and Director of Student, Library and Academic Services

Institution: Northumbria University


Format: Seminar/Group Discussion : a session sharing experiences among participants, perhaps with a brief presentation at the start.

Second Presenter: Liz Evans, Abertay University, Head of Records and Systems




A recent OIA consultation focussed on ‘special considerations’, most of us refer to it as extenuating or mitigating circumstances. Whatever its name, your institution is probably trying to sustainably manage the rising tide of applications and prevent a deluge of student complaints. Is your institution building barriers to stem the flow, or creating flood plains to allow the flow to take its natural course? What is the impact downstream for individual students and for the institution? At this interactive session we will share policy and process examples from Abertay and Northumbria, and we invite you to share your experiences and ideas.


Those involved in assessment and extenuating circumstances: operations, systems or management