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To infinity and beyond: maybe more is more (data capability).

Presenter: Zelin Ozturk, Assistant Registrar, Returns, Records & Data

Institution: Kingston University


Format: Presentation : a presentation for most of the session with time for questions at the end.

This breakout is now full.

Second Presenter: Eileen Taylor-Horsley, Student Records, Data & Returns Officer



Why bother with an extended data dictionary? What threatened to be a very dry Data Futures ‘duty’ has, for Kingston University, evolved into far more of a journey of discovery with unexpected benefits. Whilst common opinion seems to be to “pick your battles” where data capability is concerned, if anything our experiences over the course of this project have instead shown us that, in fact, more is more. So just how much bang can you get for your buck?


Anyone whose role involves working extensively with a student record system