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MyHud: Delivering the Right Information to the Right Students at the Right Time

Presenter: Andrew Raistrick, Project Manager

Institution: University of Huddersfield


Format: Interactive : a breakout session where participants have to undertake one or more tasks.

Second Presenter: Matt Mills, Director of Student Services



This session will explore the recent implementation of a New Student Portal (MyHud) at the University of Huddersfield. The redesign and release of the new Hub was driven by the need to improve and personalise the student experience, centralise and review information and systems provided to students and provision a sustainable, supported, future-proof Hub platform. Appropriate governance was introduced to ensure the ongoing enhancement and maintenance of an engaging, relevant and useful resource.

Through a number of interactive exercises and presentations, the workshop will explore:

  • How accurate Student Records underpin the delivery of information on the Hub.
  • Influencing factors on the content delivered through the Hub
  • Design stakeholder’s and influencers
  • Future affordance of student hubs
  • Benefits of a digital transformation
  • Lesson Learned

Attendees will take-away a sound strategy for the review, design and implementation of any student facing system.


All staff with an interest in how student data can undepin the student experience and enhance data and information flow