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(e)Vision Quest - A journey to transform student records

Presenter: Gareth Hall, Lead Architect

Institution: Staffordshire University


Format: Seminar/Group Discussion : a session sharing experiences among participants, perhaps with a brief presentation at the start.

Second Presenter: Helen Ascroft, Head of Student and Course Administration



Staffordshire University has embarked on an ambitious project to transform the way student records work. Taking the perspective of making data work for people, we’re looking at how we present information in the best way to students, staff and externals, looking outside the core records system and bringing in channels such as mobile apps and AI chatbots. We’re looking at how we simplify and automate our record structures. This workshop is a showcase of our journey so far, and an opportunity to share and discuss the ways that we can manage and present student data in a mobile, always-connected world.


Records and systems administrators and users (technical and non-technical).

This session is now full.