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Altogether now .....moving curriculum planning workflows into a single system

Presenter: Helen Chynoweth, Head of Student Systems and Reporting

Institution: Sheffield Hallam University


Format: Presentation : a presentation for most of the session with time for questions at the end.

Second Presenter: Melanie Inman, Systems and Reporting Manager

Email: (​)

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Sheffield Hallam has recently launched our “curriculum catalogue” to manage the creation, maintenance and storage of all course and module records. It uses structured workflows for processes such as planning new courses and modifying existing provision. We aim to capture all data required for a multiplicity of purposes, including information for the on-line prospectus and all student record processes in SITS along the way. The system has been designed to be intuitive to use, with a particular focus on academic colleagues but visible and useable by any member of staff.

This system has been a long time in development. There have been significant technical and cultural challenges along the way. We will explain the background to these, reflect on what we’ve learnt, outline the plans for further iterative developments and the benefits we have realised thus far.


Anyone with responsibility for institutional data structures