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Belonging, retention and success, using data to inform curriculum design.

Presenter: Jane Wormald & Dr Cheryl Reynolds

Institution: University of Huddersfield


Format: Presentation : a presentation for most of the session with time for questions at the end.

The University of Huddersfield has introduced an inclusive ‘Flying Start’ programme for new undergraduates in 2017. The design was initially directed primarily for the needs of students that our data tells us are most likely to be ‘at risk’ of attrition, but importantly, benefits all students and has already shown significant indications of success. ‘Flying Start’ drew on existing research and theory on belonging, retention and success in transitions to Higher Education (Dwyer, 2015; Thomas, 2012) and is part of the University’s commitment to addressing differential achievement.

This session introduces how our data identified patterns in and across courses and Schools and how a transferable model for curriculum design commits to inclusive and shared key aims. We give specific examples of activities and how they were planned and logged in logic chains. Results and recommendations from our evaluations across three years are shared.

Capacity: 100

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