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The Power of a BI Network

Presenter: Martha Horler & Leanne Elsom

Institution: Futureworks & University of Leeds

Format: Seminar/Group Discussion : a session sharing experiences among participants, perhaps with a brief presentation at the start.

This session will be a group discussion on how different institutions work to engage stakeholders with their data visualisations, with examples on what works for different audiences and the possible distribution methods used across the sector. This would apply to those using apps such as Power BI, Tableau or QlikView.
We also want to explore the possibility of setting up a network for those who work in or are interested in data visualisation. This network would allow members to communicate about working with data visualisations, and could lead to a method for sharing best practice, solving problems, and future conference sessions or events.

Suggested Audience: Current or Aspiring Data Visualisation Creators