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Venue: University of Hull

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  • Plenary 1: Opening Presentation: Jeannette Strachan: Registrar and Secretary (not available)
  • Plenary 2: Richard Beevers: The logic and the magic of great customer experience (not available)
  • Plenary 3: Jo Franklin: Hull City of Culture‚Ķ going forward (not available)
  • Plenary 4: Stephen Willis: Chief Finance Officer, University of Hull (not available)
Breakout Presentations
Breakout 1
  • Extenuating circumstances, a system for all
  • Square peg, round hole: what happens when regs and processes develop with mainly undergrads in mind
  • From 50 to 0 with closing student record automation
  • Data Futures: The Alpha experience
  • GDPR and graduate outcomes - best practice from the institutional point of view
  • Managing magic: Walt Disney customer service
Breakout 2
  • How we know what out students are doing?
  • Let us talk about the practicalities of moving to HECoS
  • Maintaining an accurate student record in a collaborative world
  • Everybody lies! How can universities and recruiters prevent and detect application fraud?
  • The new way of managing change in data collections
  • Our journey to the THELMAs
Breakout 3
  • Considering trans
  • Why drinking coffee is important
  • A digital landscape: putting academic registry online
  • Data Futures: Update on the Alpha pilot, transition plans and the use of in-year data
  • Apprenticeships: data and returns
  • Assured or not assured - that is the question
Breakout 4
  • From paper to electronic - how we successfully moved annual evaluation online
  • Being a manager
  • student funding - more changes to challenge us?
  • Transition from academia to professional services
  • Impact of graduate outcomes on the student record - HESA
  • The challenges in implementing an effective enquiry management system

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