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We have some great speakers lined up and are working hard on putting together a really high quality package of breakouts. As usual, bookings with open in the New Year, and you will be able to see the full programme then.

You will know of course that we deliver a great conference at a very modest cost – each year we scrutinise all spending, and the full conference fee (with hotel accommodation) has been held at £350 for the last three years. Normally this would be a precursor to saying that we have had to raise the fee, but this year I am delighted to tell you that we have been able to reduce the fee to £330 for a full conference place, the lowest it’s been since 2012! While we do spend money where it is needed to give delegates the best experience we can, we benefit greatly from colleagues who give up their time or share their expertise – for free. So rather than make a profit, we prefer to reinvest any spare funds into enabling our membership attend the conference or to provide more opportunities for us to learn, via our Study Days programme. We hope you will agree that SROC continues to be great value for money, with focused, relevant content and a vibrant community.

Secondly, welcome to our new website? It’s been redesigned and relaunched, with a fresh new look, better links, and clearer signposting. We would love your feedback and ideas – please send your comments to

Finally – is your institution represented on our official mailing list? This email and other news and updates, is sent not only to our sroc-contacts list mailto:, but also to delegates at our most recent conference, whose institutions may not be on the official list. Like all other practitioner groups of ARC (Academic Registrars’ Conference), we ask for one or two colleagues from each institution to be on our list, so that they can forward all content to their own colleagues internally; but we don’t have a full set, only those who have come forward via ARC, or who have come to the committee directly. As such there are some notable omissions, which I would love to have with us. I have attached a list of institutions which ARE currently represented on our mailing list – it would be enormously helpful if you could look at this to make sure your institution is there. If it is not, please get in touch and we can remedy that. Could you also think about your neighbouring institutions – are they represented? If not, do you have contacts there who would be interested in SROC? If so, please forward this mail to them. You can always contact me at this address, or at our general address: with any updates.

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