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SROC 2015 - Breakout sessions

If you've booked your place at SROC 2015, then you've already discovered we have a fantastic range of breakout sessions throughout Tuesday 17 & Wednesday 18 of March. If you haven't booked yet, here's what you're missing!

Process improvement and system development feature prominently, with sessions on Paperless Admissions, module cataloguing, managing workflows across institutions (with Google Apps!), handling complaints and appeals, exam scheduling, curriculum planning, early timetabling and rethinking how we design student communications, digitally or otherwise! 

The road ahead is also covered with HEAR as BAU and building employability and entrepreneurship skills throughout the student journey.

Change Management and Business Intelligence seem to be on the sector's mind if three of our bestselling sessions are any indication. And let's not forget that eternal struggle of good vs evil: departmental vs admin (yes, we're the bad guys).

Finally, HEDIIP are running sessions on the ULN & new JACS, while HESA HEFCE will both be presenting us with 'a day in the life of'! HESA will also be sharing the findings of their SLC data linking analysis project.

And if this isn't enough statutory talk for you, we have a session where you can feed back on the SLCtransformation project through the SLC Stakeholder Group and another on one student's dissertation on three institutions' HESA Student return processes!

So you see, you're really missing out. Bookings close on 28 February.

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