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SROC 2014 Sheffield - Delegate Feedback

1 = Very good, 2 = Good, 3 = Satisfactory, 4 = Poor 

108 completed questionnaires from 188 delegates: Response Rate   57%

Was the advance conference information informative?    100% YES

Do you use any social media (Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook)?    66% YES

SROC website    2.0

Online payment process    2.1

Pre-arrival information    1.9

Novotel Sheffield    1.6

Jurys Inn Sheffield    1.7

Conference and breakout rooms (Sheffield Hallam University)    1.6

Lunch time meals    1.7

Refreshments (tea / coffee breaks)     1.7

Monday evening meal    2.2

Monday evening entertainment     2.0

Conference dinner venue    1.3

Pre-Conference dinner drinks    1.7

Conference dinner (meal)    1.4

After-Conference dinner entertainment    1.9

Would you be interested in presenting a future SROC Breakout Session    28% YES

Would you be interested in hosting a future SROC Conference    15% YES

How did you rate the exhibition    2.1



Plenary 1 Higher education and prospects for disruptive change    1.9

Plenary 2 Lean into HE    1.6

Plenary 3 Tomorrow's students - value, values & value for money    1.9



Getting Students Attention Easily & Quickly Via Social Media    1.5

Once more unto the breach     1.6

Introduction to HESA: from data collection to dissemination    1.6

STEMS - A pre-arrival student E-Induction system    1.6

The changing role of technology in teaching and learning    1.7

Voice of the Student    1.7

Programme Information for the Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)    1.7

SLC Episode IV: Some Hope    1.7

Centralising and Automating Examination Scheduling    1.8

Everything you always wanted to know about HESA     1.8

Do we miss the queues    1.9

Planning, developing and deploying a mobile app     2.0

Revolving Doors - dealing with high staff turnover    2.0

Managing student casework in the student record    2.0

The Importance of Data Governance    2.0

Alumni Engagement: Graduation is just the start    2.1

Turn up, Tune in or Drop out    2.2

Data Management - Lessons from internal audit    2.3

From raw data to insight    2.3

A Farewell to Halls    2.3

Developing a CPD scheme for Registry and Faculty staff    2.9 

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