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Are you ready to embrace the new social networking technologies or hoping it will just fade away like another playground craze? Why not try using Twitter in a safe environment; you never know, you may enjoy what it has to offer.

Not a Twitter user and want to know what the fuss is about?

The following is a glossary and etiquette summary to help steer you through the ‘Twitter’ language phenomenon.

Using Hashtags

Hashtags, such as ‘#sroc are merely an abbreviation for, eg ‘SROC 2016’; they denote discussion groupings. You can follow updates on hashtags in real time. To speed up the following of a discussion, save a search for each of the SROC hashtags, and then they are listed on your Twitter Homepage. Use the ‘search’ facility to find each of the five hashtags and then use the save search option.

Being Accountable

Remember, Twitter is public! The first rule of Twitter is that it is more permanent than the internet. When you post something, at least one person is going to read it and have a memory of that event. Unless you lock your profile, all of your tweets are a public record and searchable, forever. While Twitter is all about honesty and just being yourself, you have to act like you are writing something that your parents will eventually read.

Tweet Really Interesting Stuff Only

If you read an article that completely rocks your world, tweet about it. If articles are rocking your world a number of times a day, pick only the few that rock your world the most.

Don’t Tweet Confidential Stuff

Tell someone that you’ll go ‘off-twitter’ if you need to talk about something that you don’t want the world to know about. Remember that your tweets are searchable unless you have locked your account. Even then, it isn’t a good idea as we all know privacy is never guaranteed online.


The @ sign is used to indicate that you are replying to a specific username. Remember that when you use @reply it is visible to everyone - for private communications, use a direct message.

140 Character Limit

Twitter messages are meant to be short. Most people don’t even go to the 140 character limit when posting a tweet.

So, to get started, sign up using this link and search for the SROC hashtags, then SAVE the searches.

Now enjoy

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