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Data Futures Day Event - 5 July, London

It’s been a quiet year on the SROC website (not so much for the committee) and it was with sadness that we finally wrote in March to confirm that there wouldn’t be a SROC conference in 2022.

We didn’t take the decision lightly. A conference had been quietly getting planned in the background with speakers and a venue all lined up, contracts at the ready, entertainment all planed and announcements ready to go. But when we reached our go/no-go point in January, there was still too much uncertainty around COVID restrictions to make it viable for a non-profit like us.

Those on our mailing list will already know that the good news is that SROC23, our big spring comeback conference, will be at the University of Edinburgh! We’ve been trying to bring you this conference for the past two years and are beyond excited to be coming back to Scotland for it! So set that budget aside and polish off your dance shoes, because there’s cèilidh on the way!

2023 is a long way away, however, and we simply couldn’t wait that long to see you, so I’m very pleased to be able to announce that we’re back on 5 July at Woburn House in London for a Data Futures Day Event! You’ve asked for it (a lot) and we’d be lying if we said it’s not been on our mind.

This is a purely on-site event, so start looking at train tickets. As always, we’re keeping our prices as low as can be so as many of our wonderful community can attend. Let’s be honest, we’ve missed you and online post-its are just not the same. Places are not unlimited, so book yourself in early!

We look forward to seeing you all!

May 2022

Marian Hilditch

SROC Chair

Data Futures Day Event


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