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Ray Lock Teleconference 19-06-2019

Key points for cascade - SLC Stakeholder Operations Group teleconference 19.06.19

Operational update

Application numbers were lower than they had been at this point in 2018, but this would be monitored closely. An issue with the part-time service was under investigation, and a separate CCG issue had been contained. Attrition rates for the Glasgow, Darlington, and Wales sites had dropped significantly, which was encouraging.

No concerns had been raised around the publication of the Augur Review.

UCAS was introducing new questions on student parents with children and on gender.

UCAS was keen to collaborate with SCL on this, and contact would be made with the Vulnerable Students Steering Group, with a view to attending a future meeting.


Marketing provided an update on work they were currently undertaking. This included:

  • the SFW Masters soft launch
  • SFE part-time applications
  • the Doctoral launch scheduled for 24th June
  • messaging to CCG providers
  • the Clearing campaign in mid-August
  • the Repayment campaign in September.

Service improvements were underway on:

  • CPR
  • the Estrangement application process
  • the Hardship form
  • Migrant Workers applications.

CCG registration volumes seemed low but would serve as an accurate baseline from next year.​