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Ray Lock SLC teleconference 15.05.19

Key points for cascade - SLC Stakeholder Operations Group 15.05.19

Operational update

The group were advised that the undergraduate full time service was now live for both SFE and SFW. In terms of applications numbers for returners were as expected however still a bit behind for new students by 30,000. With the deadline approaching there will be further publicity to encourage students to apply as now as possible.

The services for Post graduate SFNI full time and part time are due to launch in the next week.

Some issues had been encountered over the Easter holiday in the Contact Centre resulting in the SLA dropping below 90% for calls answered. This had now settled and the service level is being consistently achieved.


Marketing provided an update on work they were currently undertaking. This included

  • Looking at content and campaign for Compelling Personal Reasons (CPR), the student content is almost ready and should be live next week and work is ongoing for practitioner’s content.
  • Estrangement improvements for content and campaign which the Vulnerable Students Stakeholder Group members had assisted on in the analysis.
  • Current focus on pre-apply to apply for all domiciles and products and will continue for the coming weeks with messages being updated to reinforce upcoming deadlines.
  • Advanced Learner Loan launch: eligibility updates published for 13 May.
  • Parent campaign for SFE and SFW for which 6 films had been created.
  • Working with OfS and Partner Services on comms for courses that have not yet been registered and course of action for student.
Partner Services Helpdesk

The group were advised the team offer support to practitioners and 81% of them see the team as their first point of contact. As well as answering calls the team also responds to email and work reports relating to CMS. Elaine highlighted the team answered 53,000 calls and 25,000 last year.

The way in which the team works has had to change in response to the introduction to GDPR. An example of this is if the team receives a spreadsheet via email this had to be password protected and sent back to the originator who in turn calls in for a password. The new process was working well. It was highlighted to the group that HEP’s should only give basic information and not customer sensitive information which is not required.

Transition to

Group members were provided with an overview of the Transition to project and the background:

  • Online Repayment Services (ORS) project was commissioned to replace the existing 12 year old Repayment Portal with a new suite of Online Services.
  • Project mandate was for all new services to reside on GOV.UK.
  • Following discussions with Government Digital Systems (GDS), SLC agreed to transition both the Repayment & Corporate websites to GOV.UK to maintain consistency with the rest of Public Sector organisations e.g. HMRC & DVLA.

The first phase of the project is due to go live w/c 13th May when the new corporate site on will launch on , SLC will perform checks on all links, review content and put redirects in place so anyone landing on old sites will be automatically redirected.

Ray Lock - SROC SLC Representative.