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SLC teleconference 06.03.19

​Key points for cascade - SLC Stakeholder Operations Group (teleconference 06.03.19)

Operational update

Group members were advised that the launch of SFE undergraduate full time service for academic year 2019/20 had been successful with no technical issues reported, to date approximately 70,000 applications had started the process.


Group members were provided with an update on the work Marketing had been working on for the launch of academic year 2019/20 service. This work included communications being sent to practitioners and schools and a ‘Facebook’ live session for with any application questions. Student Money Week had also taken place and for the first time this was all hosted on social media.

A new eligibility campaign had started for academic year 19/20 and work is currently being done on an evidence campaign which will run over the next few months on different channels to address various customer pain pains.

There will be a short campaign running to tie in with Sign language Week and mini campaign for migrant workers.

Everything is ready for the launch of SFW service and this includes a Q&A on social media w/c 11/03/19.

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