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SLC Stakeholder Operations Group

Key points for cascade - SLC Stakeholder Operations Group (July 2017)

SLC Operational update

The profile is that applications have peaked earlier this academic year which had resulted in being slightly more stretched in terms of meeting SLAs, however overall everything was looking positive and all SLA’s were being met. There had been no increase in call volumes and the Contact centres were coping well.

The “apply once” process had now taken place for Postgraduate England, with 18,000 accounts going through the system without issue.

There are no new risks to report on the register and complaints volumes have reduced year on year.

SLC Knowledgebase overview

Members were provided with an overview of Knowledgebase which is a knowledge management solution and was a web based application from an external company Moxiesoft. The purpose of the system was to ensure accurate and consistent information was provided by SLC staff and external stakeholders and also allows advisors/stakeholders to obtain information quickly.

The internal article most looked at on knowledgebase was for change of circumstances. This article has had 147,000 views. For the external knowledgebase there have been 3000 views in total for all articles.

A demonstration was provided of the external and internal portals.

Suggestions for improvements to the external site have been taken back to the Knowledgebase team and a further update will be provided at a future meeting.

Grant and Loan Overpayments Project

Group members were advised that the aim of the project was to increase the recovery of overpayments by implementing an efficient, comprehensive and aligned loan and grant overpayment process.

It was explained that the new process was being implemented in response to a regulation amendment extending SLC’s scope to recover overpayments. From 2017/18, grant and maintenance loan overpayments would be recovered from all types of future funding (in course, cross course and cross product). Recovery would be aligned across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The group were keen to explore the origination of overpayments, through effective root causes and it was agreed to include this as an agenda item for the next meeting.

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