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SLC Stakeholder Operations Group of 29/11/2017, published

Operational update

The group were advised that SLC’s new CEO, Peter Lauener, had taken up his position as of today.

Following an SLC board meeting, electronic signatures had been approved for academic year 2018/19. Members were acknowledged that this was a big step forward and would reduce incoming mail and telephone calls.

The group went on to discuss operational performance noting that, with the exception of Migrant Worker customers, processing and contact pressures had eased. Additional staff had been trained and the Migrant Worker work queue would be the focus in December.

Complaint trends had been as expected with standard patterns.

HEP Services

The group were updated on the status of the Service Agreement, with ARC and NAMSS sign-off and next steps to achieve NCTL and IHE endorsement.

An update was provided on Knowledgebase it was discussed that the volumes for external use was very low and going forward it was planned to publicise the Practitioners website as the single source of eligibility, entitlement, assessment and payment policy, rules and guidance.

Part-time Maintenance Loan

Members reviewed the part-time maintenance loans digital service and group members provided input improvement ideas and suggestions to wording and logic, including views on how best to capture information on credits.

Grant and Loan Overpayment

An update was provided on the Grant and Loan Overpayment Project, to implement an automated loan overpayment recovery process which aligned with the existing grant overpayment recovery process.

The recovery process would be aligned across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Scotland was not in scope.

Group members asked for some reassurance around affordability and hardship and were advised that a hardship process was planned to enable students to apply to have the amount recovered reduced to enable them to continue with their studies. The overpayment would remain due and SLC would attempt to recover from any subsequent years funding.

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