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SLC Stakeholder Meeting: November 2016

SLC Operational update

The key indicators for academic year 16/17 Student Finance England (SFE) and Student Finance Wales (SFW) continues to show as green and there is nothing on the profile to suggest there are any systemic issues.


The annual complaints trends were summarized and it was noted that after a slight dip in the previous year the annual number of complaints has increased slightly. It was confirmed that there was work ongoing to make improvements.

Risk Report

The group were advised that no new risks have been added to the report since the last meeting.

SLC Engagement and Communication

Partner Services provided an update on:

  • HEP Portal training
  • Forthcoming forums
  • March 2017 Seminar
  • Support Desk & enquiries
Current Themes
  • PGL
  • SFE HEBSS bank account changes
  • Course collection academic year 17/18

An update was provided by Welsh Government on the consultation of the proposed student funding in Wales as a direct result of the Diamond Review.

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