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SLC Stakeholder 7 Nov 18

Key points for cascade - SLC Stakeholder Operations Group (07th November 2018)


Group members were provided with an update on work Marketing is currently undertaking, this includes an info graphic and high-level film available for SFE AY 2019/20 that stakeholders can promote and share:

More detailed information with figures cannot be published until after the ministerial announcement of the memorandum.

Online content had been created around Current Year Income for sponsors and students and changes made to the related forms and notes to reflect. The testing of these materials with sponsors and students had started at focus groups in Manchester and London and 1-2-1 research interviews will also be taking place next month.

As part of the CCG 2019/20 changes, the team is looking to create a bespoke campaign to provide new and returning students with the information related to them.

Operational update

Group members were advised that in terms of performance it had been a tough year. Staffing issues remain and has had a significant impact, recruitment is continuing. Some work queues had been particularly high notably the GFD loose evidence queue however this had been reviewed and should see this dropping off over the coming weeks.

The Lean Project and the trialling of robotic automation were discussed and the benefits of how these could streamline processes and free up staff.

UCAS update

UCAS advised they had hosted a roundtable discussion about gender identity in October with representatives from across the sector, including HESA, Stonewall, NUS, Advance HE and Scottish Trans Alliance. The aim of the event was to clarify why UCAS asks this information and how the data is used, and to consider how they might present applicants with more inclusive options based on good practice recommendations. Next steps include agreement on the most appropriate and inclusive language to use and aligning definitions across the sector for a consistent approach, developing a community of practice with attendees to take the actions forward.

Independent Assessor update

The group were advised that 5 new Independent Assessors had been appointed in September bringing the total number to 12. Appeals and waiting times for response to complaints were discussed and group members also discussed compensation and themes around complaints and appeals.


The group were advised that SLC now just over halfway through issuing GDPR agreements to HEP’s. Group members were invited to give views on current tactics for chasing for completion and options to encourage completion.

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