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SLC Stakeholder 6 Feb 19

Operational update

Group members were advised that this was the quietest point in the 2018/19 cycle and there had been no systemic issues in relation to the maintenance and fee payments. Volumes are currently low and all work queues are back within target levels. Work is ongoing for the launch of the 2019/20 services.
In terms of risks and complaints there was nothing new to report.


Group members were provided with an update on work Customer Communications and Marketing are currently undertaking; this includes Student Money Week, Current Year Income and future campaigns. In terms of Student Money Week the goal was to increase awareness and self-service within the prospective student population of England for the availability, process and requirements of student finance for university and college students. Marketing will be working this year in conjunction with partners and stakeholders such as National Association of Student Money Advisors (NASMA), NHS Business Services Authority and HRMC.

UCAS update

Group members were advised the 15 January data gives UCAS a really good indication of demand for higher education for 2019 entry. Approximately 80% of all applicants apply by this date.

All chapters of the end of cycle have now been published and available on:

This includes the final chapters analysing unconditional offer making by providers, and the usual analysis on patterns of equality in England, having been published at the end of January, along with an update on UCAS’ verification service.

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