Square peg, round hole: what happens when regs and processes develop with mainly undergrads in mind

Presenter: Emma Dresser, Administrative Officer (Postgraduate Taught)

Institution: Loughborough University

Email: E.Dresser2@lboro.ac.uk

Format: Seminar/Group Discussion : a session sharing experiences among participants, perhaps with a brief presentation at the start.

A guided session reflecting on the practical application of University Regulations and processes for Postgraduate Taught students. Following the introduction of a specific PGT Administrative role within Academic Registry, Loughborough University have been able to reflect on both processes and regulations in relation to their functioning for PGT students. In this session, the presenter will reflect on some of the main lessons learnt from this process whilst leading participants in their analysis of their own systems and reflection of how and where enhancements might be possible.


Staff whose work involves a postgraduate taught remit.