Maintaining an accurate student record in a collaborative world

Presenter: Helen Dewar, International Partnerships Operations Manager

Institution: The University of the West of England


Format: Seminar/Group Discussion : a session sharing experiences among participants, perhaps with a brief presentation at the start.

Second Presenter:

Helen Haynes, International Partnership Team Leasder (

Maintaining a shared student record when working with collaborative partners can bring challenges.

Overcoming these challenges and in so doing ensuring data accuracy enables the appropriate recognition of student achievement, parity in application of Academic Regulations, supported quality academic delivery, ongoing monitoring and improvement.

In this session we will explore some of the methods we have used at UWE Bristol when working with our International Partners.

This will include our:

  • use of online space in SharePoint
  • use of trackers
  • commitment to ongoing communication exchange
  • methods of supporting communication e.g., Partnership Boards, visits, Skype/telephone calls, emails
  • approach to confidentiality and managing access to data

At the end of this presentation there will be an opportunity for delegates to share experiences and ideas.


Those that work with or intend to work with collaborative partners and need to jointly maintain an accurate student record.